Cutting & Styling

What we offer

Cutting and styling

Our expert team possess great passion and knowledge in cutting and styling hair, with the emphasis being on you and your lifestyle.

We carry out thorough consultations, always listen to what you want, and make suggestions that will work for you. We advise on all aspects of hair care including home care to help you maintain your look in between salon visits.

All services include a shampoo and condition using high quality products and a blissful head massage in one of our very comfortable backwash chairs – comfortable basins and footrests mean no more neck ache.


At Hairstudio, we take colour very seriously and pride ourselves on the skill of our technicians and on our range of colour services.

Our team of colour experts will work closely with you to achieve a look that’s individual for you.

We carry out in-depth consultations to discuss skin tone (warm or cool), colour changes and techniques and advise on all aspects of hair colouring.

We work closely with Brand Professionals and all of our colourists frequently attend Loreal Workshops and training, to keep their skills, knowledge and techniques up to date.

Gents cuts

A  percentage of our clientele are men. Our relaxed, yet professional atmosphere means that men feel comfortable in our salon.

Our stylists are just as comfortable cutting a short back and sides as they are a more modern funky cut and are always on hand to give advice.

Bridal Services

Why you should choose us

We offer a full range of bridal services in the comfort of our salons or at your home, hotel, venue, or national.

Complimentary consultations mean we can discuss your initial ideas and advise you on a colour, cutting and treatment plan before the big day. A trial session will then lock down exactly what you are looking for meaning no stress on your big day.

  1. Hair and make-up services available
  2. Complimentary consultations
  3. Trial Sessions
  4. Travel to your wedding venue
  5. Individual bespoke budget plans
  6. Our planning skills ensure a calm experience

Beauty Services

in-house beauty service


Beauty Services for male and female:

  • Threading
  • Waxing
  • Facials
  • Make-up
  • Massages


Cosmetic Acupuncture

in-house cosmetic acupuncture

About the Cosmetic Acupuncture Centre

The cosmetic acupuncture centre specialises in facial rejuvenation and weight loss
1. Facial Rejuvenation
Younger, Fresher Skin
Have you ever wondered how some of Hollywood’s hottest celebs maintain their youthful, glowing complexions? We want to let you in on one of their best-kept secrets. Cosmetic acupuncture has been used in Hollywood for years by celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Sean Connery, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow.

What is cosmetic acupuncture?
Acupuncture treatments have long been used to alleviate and minimize pain, but this traditional Chinese medicine can also be used to achieve younger-looking skin. Also known as facial rejuvenation acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture is a natural alternative to cosmetic surgery that provides many of the same skin-saving effects

How does it work?
Practitioner places a series of ultra-fine acupuncture needles into and around wrinkles, facial muscles and pressure points. The placement of the needles increases collagen production and blood and lymph circulation to the face and scalp. With every needle insertion, the Practioner creates micro trauma causing the white blood cells to move to the area to repair the lines formed on the skin.
Getting results with cosmetic acupuncture
You should be able to see some results right away, but 12 to 15 treatments are usually recommended to achieve full effects. It’s generally recommended you go twice a week for six weeks, but this can differ for each person. Speak to the Practioner to determine your exact needs.

What are the beauty benefits?
Cosmetic acupuncture is known to help a variety of skin concerns including wrinkles, brow furrows, sagging skin, drooping jawline, age spots, puffy eyes, dark circles, pigmentation, smoking lines, drooping eyebrows and crows’ feet, to name just a few. Beauty benefits include the prevention of wrinkle formation, minimization of fine lines and improvement in the process by which skin regulates its quality and appearance — meaning improved skin texture and tone. Cosmetic acupuncture also accelerates anti-inflammatory activity and removes toxins from the skin, resulting in a youthful glow. This procedure also gives existing deep-set wrinkles a much smoother appearance.

What else can you expect?
The acupuncture needles cause more blood to circulate to the face, giving you a glow that no other treatment will. One can feel rejuvenated in and out and look 10 to 15 years younger. The treatment not only improves skin imperfections, but also provides an inner sense of well-being. “Patients often are stunned by the effect of this treatment and how great they feel.”

2. Weight loss

An educational program to help the individual develop optimal health with the added bonus of weight loss. The program is designed to reset the metabolic function thus reduce the chances of gaining the weight again.
Benefits include increased in energy levels, concentration, sleeping patterns, alertness and weight loss. Patients can expect an average loss of 4-6kg per 4 week cycle and 4 -8 cm around the waist line.

3. Other ailments:

a) pain relief
b) sexual disorders
c) lung disorders
d) allergies
e) inflammatory disorders e.g. Arthrirtis
f) Drug addiction


Price list

Various services from our salon price list listed below

Hair care services in 2017.

Please be advised that prices are ‘from’ the listed amount and can change at any given time.

Service Short from to Long
Cleanser & Cut R145 R200
Cleanser, Cut & Style R220 R380
Cleanser & Blow dry R120 R250
Flat Iron R105 R140
Flat Iron Curls R200 R300
Director Stylist Cleanser, Cut & Style R280 R380
Students Cleanser & Cut R120 (Male) R165 (Female) R165
Kids Cleanser & Cut (u12) R95 R95
Powerdose R200 R200
Masque R95 R95
Scalp Renew R300 R350
Vita Cement R290 R290
Aqua Fusion R300 R300
Brazilian R800 R2000
Chronologist R600 R600
Keratin Sweet R800 R2000
Permanent Tint R350 15ml R550 25ml
Semi Permanent R300 15ml R450 25ml
Highlights, Half head R600
Highlights, Full head R1000
Highlights, Cap R350 R500
Per Foil, as lifter R45
Perms R600
Spiral Perms R600
Texturisers R450
Xtenso R600
Hot Xtenso R1200 R1500
Red Carpet Look “Upstyles” R400